Abigail Chipman

WNM 601 - Tech 1: Front End

Hi! For now, this is the home of my projects for WNM 601 at Academy of Art University!

As more pages and projects are added, this page will become more interesting and robust.

For example, this week (module 2), we got started with CSS and created a website showcasing a favorite recipe. Take a look at it here

For week 4, we learned how to use the developer console by having JavaScript loop through a set of numbers and perform a specific task on some of them

So far, however, my favorite project has been the game we've been building! It's my own version of rock, paper, scissors. Click here to see what I came up with!

Check back throughout the semester to see more!

The end of the semester is upon us, and my final project is nearly complete. Take a look at it through the Field of Corn link.