Digital media

Southpaw comic


Comic illustration - Southpaw!
completed: 10/2006
Software: Adobe Illustrator CS 2

This is a one page comic I created of my alter-ego, Southpaw! who "makes the world 'right' for lefties by providing specialty left-handed tools and other items to lefites in need. Many thanks to Brad Mallett for being a good sport as Southpaw's "dude (as opposed to damsel) in distress".



Character design - Maria from The Navigators
completed: 04/2012
Software: Corel Painter 12

Early character design for one of the principal characters in The Navigators, Maria Sanchez.




digital painting - Vanellope
completed: 10/2014
Software: Corel Painter 12

Digital painting of a POP! vinyl of Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-it-Ralph.