why’d this take me so long?

I’ve been at this art thing for a while now. In fact, a lot longer than I even realized. Then, I had to gather up some of my best work to include in a portfolio, and when I started thinking about using Photoshop 5 (yes, that’s 5, without the CS in front of it!) I started feeling really old. 

But rather than let myself feel old, I’ll rather look at it as I have a lot of experience, and that I can’t wait to move forward and gain even more! So here’s to it: care to join me?

2 thoughts on “why’d this take me so long?”

  1. Lookin’ good, AbbyDazzled! I’m always been intrigued by your digital work, particularly your abstracts and digital landscape painting. Until I saw your work, I had no idea that programs like Photoshop could be used to create original pieces. Planetary Rebellion is still one of my favorites – the repeating shapes really pull me in. I also like the color work in your digital landscape. It’s hard to believe that was done on computer rather than in traditional media. There’s definitely a world lurking behind that imagery, which I’m excited to pull out and develop…

    1. I’m really glad you enjoy my digital abstracts. I enjoy making them – they’re really relaxing. The landscape actually was painted in gouache – what a mess! But I’m really happy with the results. I think I’ll try a digital version in Painter someday.

      I can’t wait to get further into that world and really develop the story around it…

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